Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD -How to Hear God’s Voice: One Word Can Change Everything (Italian Version) (2020)


(Italian Version)

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction
2. Why hear from God?
3. The dangers of not having a relationship with God …Oh God, Where Are You?
4. The basic A, B, C’s of qualifying …will God speak to anyone?
5. Step 1: Having ears to hear
6. Step 2: Do I really want to hear what God has to say?
7. Step 3: What will I do with the information …an issue of trust?
8. Step 4: To whom much is given, much is required …paying the price
9. The Ostrich Syndrome: Can’t I just ignore God, run and hide?
10. The call to grow up and mature …or lose everything
11. Bad public relations: “God told me to do it,” said the murderer
12. Staying tuned for future announcements: The daily assignment