ernest Hemingway – Have and have not: A gripping smuggling story (2020)

Have and have not: A gripping smuggling story di [ernest  Hemingway, maxi sanchez]


Having and Not Having tells of the adventures of a smuggler between Cuba and the coast of the United States, the rough and brave Henry Morgan, who nevertheless has not allowed himself to be brutalized more than is necessary by his profession, maintains a strict code of honor and does not he is willing to do anything for money. Through the vicissitudes of this singular man, Hemingway presents a splendid picture of life in Key West, starring wealthy vacationers with very few scruples, and draws a devastating picture of relationships between men, often dominated by cowardice, hypocrisy and lack of solidarity. The title evidently alludes to the various ways of approaching the life of vacationers in Key West and Henry Morgan.