Joe Vitale-Money Loves Speed: From Stress to Success: Revealing the 8 Laws of Attracting Money Fast (English Edition) (2020)


Quick! How would you answer these?•What can you do right now if you’re desperate?•What are 35 ways to attract money almost instantly?•What would be better than winning the lottery?•What are the Top 10 limiting beliefs about money?•Why is money like a hammer or saw?•What is the sole purpose of money?•How can you succeed – with nothing at all?•What could be secretly sabotaging your success?•What really works in attracting more money fast?Get the surprising answers in this incredible new book by globally famous bestselling author Dr. Joe Vitale. Once homeless, known to his millions of fans as “Mr. Fire!,” Dr. Vitale is world-renowned for his numerous hit titles, such as The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, and The Miracle. He is one of the top 50 most inspiring speakers in the world. He is a star in the blockbuster movie The Secret, as well as a dozen other films. He created Miracles Coaching®, The Awakening Course, The Secret Mirror, Hypnotic Writing, Advanced Ho’oponopono, Zero Limits Mastery, The Miracles Mastermind and more. He lives outside of Austin, Texas with his love, Lisa Winston. See “Dr. Joe- you did it again!! You lovingly got in our face. You lovingly erased all excuses for not being rich. You essentially wrote an exacting prescription for anyone to be as prosperous as they choose. This is a thoughtful and comprehensive checklist written in your warm and conversational style. This could be the most effective book on creating one’s own wealth I’ve ever come across, and I’ve read most of them. You reference the Arnold Patent quote, “The sole purpose of money is to express appreciation.” May you receive massive appreciation for the simple secrets some seem to exercise with ease while others of us have fumbled in the dark for. Darkness be gone- the path is illuminated right here!! Thank you, Dr. Joe!!!”-Daniel Barrett, author, musician, CEO“Dr. Joe Vitale does it again. He combines big picture strategy with practical, step-by-step, tactics to attract instant money and long-term wealth – Money truly does love Speed!” -Eric Bakey, Professional Dog Trainer & Visual Facilitator “Confucius said, “”It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” But in his new book Money Loves Speed, Joe Vitale makes the case that speed does matter–a lot. And he is right. Hope and desire only get you halfway there, and some people never get off the starting blocks. Swift action gets you to the finish line in time to enjoy your victories and reap what you sow while you are still young enough to enjoy it. Joe says it best in the introduction: “People who tend to act the fastest make the most money.” And by reading Money Loves Speed and following its instructions, you can be one of those fast – and rich – people … just like Joe!”-Bob Bly, copywriter, prolific author“Dr. Joe has written a masterpiece that not only shares incredible tools, wonderful stories, but more importantly acts as a beacon to the universe saying… I am open and ready to receive.”- Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon