Sarah Arenaccio – A window on my mind (English Edition) (2020)

A window on my mind (English Edition) di [Sarah Arenaccio]


A woman: a mother, a wife, a daughter and more, who needs words to fix her mind, that could be anybody’s.

After Milk and Honey, All The Things I Never Said, The Sun and Her Flowers, The princess saves herself in this one and Uncaged Wallflower, a heartfelt and heartbreaking collection of poems about women, but not only that.
A new perspective on life is offered through the eyes of disability: deafness can help you to listen to the others, autism can help you to perceive the world.

The author
Sarah Arenaccio was born in Rome (Italy) in 1983, the only child of a deaf couple.
She earned a Master’s Degree in English Literature at Roma Tre University.
As the mother of a non verbal autistic child, she is conducting an awareness-raising campaign on disability.
She currently lives in Rome with her husband, a naval architect and marine engineer, their two children and two cats.