Transvision Vamp – I Want Your Love (6CD Amazon Exclusive Edition) (2019).mp3 320 kbps

Transvision Vamp – I Want Your Love (6CD Amazon Exclusive Edition) (2019).mp3 320 kbps

MP3 320+ Scans | 6H 23 min | Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock, Synth-pop, Pop Punk | 1.3 GB


CD1-1 Trash City 5:09
CD1-2 I Want Your Love 3:29
CD1-3 Sister Moon 4:24
CD1-4 Psychosonic Cindy 3:47
CD1-5 Revolution Baby 4:51
CD1-6 Tell That Girl To Shut Up 3:05
CD1-7 Wild Star 3:24
CD1-8 Hanging Out With Halo Jones 4:38
CD1-9 Andy Warhol’s Dead 3:50
CD1-10 Sex Kick 5:42
CD1-11 Vid Kid Vamp 2:55
CD1-12 No It U Lover 3:07
CD1-13 God Save The Royalties 3:12
CD1-14 Sweet Thing [edit] 3:49
CD1-15 Evolution Evie [acoustic version] 2:44
CD1-16 Honey Honey 2:37
CD1-17 Long Lonely Weekend 3:34
CD1-18 Oh Yeah 2:52
CD1-19 Walk On By 3:21

CD2-1 Baby I Don’t Care 4:39
CD2-2 The Only One 4:20
CD2-3 Landslide Of Love 3:48
CD2-4 Falling For A Goldmine 4:29
CD2-5 Down On You 4:22
CD2-6 Song To The Stars 1:49
CD2-7 Kiss Their Sons 4:19
CD2-8 Born To Be Sold 3:43
CD2-9 Pay The Ghosts 4:40
CD2-10 Bad Valentine 3:44
CD2-11 Velveteen 9:50
CD2-12 Time For Change 3:31
CD2-13 Strings Of My Heart 3:13
CD2-14 The Mystery Song 3:18
CD2-15 Love Me 3:17
CD2-16 Hardtime 3:36
CD2-17 He’s The Only One For Me 3:31
CD2-18 W11 Blues 4:50
CD2-19 Kiss Me 1:59

Little Magnets Versus The Bubble Of Babble
CD3-1 (I Just Wanna) B With U 4:21
CD3-2 Ain’t No Rules 4:48
CD3-3 If Looks Could Kill 4:11
CD3-4 Every Little Thing 4:03
CD3-5 Twangy Wigout 4:15
CD3-6 Don’t Believe The Type 5:27
CD3-7 Pressure Times 5:19
CD3-8 Crawl Out Your Window 3:32
CD3-9 You Put A Spell On Me 4:21
CD3-10 Back On My Knees Again 2:49
CD3-11 Swamp Thang 3:48
CD3-12 Straight Thru Your Head 2:39
CD3-13 Punky Says 3:16
CD3-14 My Friend The Tom Cat 2:18
CD3-15 Puppy Dogs’ Tails 2:28

A’s, B’s & Rarities
CD4-1 Revolution Baby [7″ version] 4:00
CD4-2 I Want Your Love [7″ version] 3:17
CD4-3 Revolution Baby [Zeus B. Held Mix] 3:57
CD4-4 Sister Moon [7″ single edit/version] 3:57
CD4-5 Baby I Don’t Care [7″ edit] 3:49
CD4-6 The Only One [7″ edit] 3:49
CD4-7 (I Just Wanna) B With U [alternative single mix] 4:22
CD4-8 Twangy Wigout [7″ mix] 4:43
CD4-9 Child Of The Age 4:59
CD4-10 Vid Kid Vamp [1988 remix] 3:02
CD4-11 Sex Kick [demo version] 5:53
CD4-12 Saturn 5 [demo version] 3:48

The 12″ Singles # 1
CD5-1 Revolution Baby [Electra-Glide mix] 6:01
CD5-2 Tell That Girl To Shut Up [extended mix] 6:23
CD5-3 I Want Your Love [I Don’t Want Your Money mix] 6:19
CD5-4 Sweet Thing [full length] 4:51
CD5-5 Evolution Evie [electric version] 2:51
CD5-6 Sister Moon (Groove On) 6:05
CD5-7 Sex Kick (Chad Portobello) 7:19
CD5-8 Baby I Don’t Care [Abigail’s Party mix] 5:47
CD5-9 The Only One [extended mix] 5:52
CD5-10 Landslide Of Love [extended version] 4:56
CD5-11 Tell That Girl To Shut Up [Knuckle Duster mix] 4:44

The 12″ Singles # 2
CD6-1 (I Just Wanna) B With U [The Nightripper mix] 4:52
CD6-2 If Looks Could Kill [2 Go Mad In E.3 mix] 6:33
CD6-3 Twangy Wigout [12″ mix] 5:49
CD6-4 (I Just Wanna) B With U [Sunsonic edit] 5:17
CD6-5 If Looks Could Kill [Voodoo Hipster mix] 6:36
CD6-7 (I Just Wanna) B With U [alternative 12″ mix] 5:58
CD6-8 If Looks Could Kill [12 remix] 5:50
CD6-9 (I Just Wanna) B With U [Club mix] 6:31
CD6-10 If Looks Could Kill [12 remix instrumental] 5:50
CD6-11 (I Just Wanna) B With U [Dub mix] 5:13